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Covid-19 Updates

Updated December 17th at 11:48 P.M. 

School will remain fully remote at least until April 8
th, though some student groups could begin a phased-in return before that date if feasible, the School Committee voted during a virtual meeting tonight.

The committee will reassess the school model prior to the start of the fourth and final marking period of the school year but identified the current surge of coronavirus locally and the ongoing upgrades to ventilation systems in all schools as primary factors in their decision to remain remote through the rest of the second marking period and the entirety of the third marking period, which ends April 8th

The option of an earlier return to school was left open for student groups such as special education students, students with limited or interrupted formal education and English Language Learners because of the increased levels of difficulty experienced by such groups in a remote education environment. 

Vocational education students were also identified as a priority group to return to in-person learning prior to April 8th if possible due to the need to provide those students with opportunities to fulfill requirements unique to vocational training.

Recognizing the need to provide families and staff with ample notification prior to any transition away from the current remote education model, the School Committee also agreed tonight to work towards a concrete timetable for any return-to-school model, including an in-depth re-entry plan and communication plan for families and staff.

Any decision for a return to in-person learning for all or some students will be based on the status of COVID-19 in the community and the successful completion of all ventilation upgrades in all buildings. 

pdated August 18th at 12:15 P.M. 

The health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priorityWe have no known cases of coronavirus COVID-19 among students or staff in Springfield Public Schools. 

As of right now, the first marking period is going to be 100% remote learning. The Springfield School Committee will come together BEFORE that to assess the COVID situation in Springfield to see if we stay remote, or if a hybrid option will be available for families to choose from.  If a hybrid option is available for families to choose, you will still have the option to stay remote. 

When online learning is taking place, school uniforms are not required; however, students must be appropriately dressed and ready to learn.  Students and families will be given a daily schedule that is structured more like a regular school day.  There will be letter grades given this year just as every other year in school; and not a "credit/no credit" grading scale like the Spring.

Students in Pottenger 1-5 will begin September 15th.
                Kindergarten begins September 21st.
                Pre - K begins September 28th.

If your student is starting Kindergarten we are waiting for instructions from the district on Kindergarten intakes as well as laptop arrivals for them.

All students and families will be given daily schedules before the start of school.  There will possibly be a day to come pick up this years books and some supplies needed for lessons; however we are waiting on the approval from the district if this is possible per COVID regulations. 

pdated March 27th at 12:56 P.M. 

The health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priorityWe have no known cases of coronavirus COVID-19 among students or staff in Springfield Public Schools.


Dear Families,

The Springfield Public Schools remains committed to supporting our students and their families during this unprecedented school closure. Since our schools closed on 3/12/20, we have been supporting our students learning needs by providing district-based  recommendations/resources on our website and at our 16 feeding sites including: Boland, Bowles, Brookings, Chestnut Middle School, Commerce, Dorman, Glickman, Indian Orchard, Kensington, Liberty, Lincoln, Rebecca Johnson, South End, Talmadge, Warner and Washington schools. In addition to the resources provided at our meal sites and on our website, we will continue to support our students and families by moving toward providing additional learning activities and opportunities at the school level.

Our administrators and teachers continue to work remotely and are available to support their students and their families. You will receive, if you haven’t already, a school messenger call from your child’s school informing you about the best way to communicate with your child’s principal and teachers during this time.

Our schools are also in the process of developing learning activities and opportunities that will be made available at the school level created by your child’s teachers, who know your child and his/her needs best. Schools will be making activities available across all subject/content areas including art, music, and physical education! Our goal is to provide our students and their families with some engaging activities and opportunities that will help provide some sense of normalcy during this challenging time. For those students and families that are able, we highly encourage you to work on the activities and opportunities that are being made available to you. Please note that these cannot be graded or included in a student’s quarter, semester, or final grade.

As we continue to navigate this ever-changing situation, we want to let you know that we remain committed to supporting all students and families. Please continue to reach out to us with any questions.


Daniel J. Warwick

Superintendent of Schools



Queridas familias,


Las Escuelas Públicas de Springfield continúan dedicándose a apoyar a nuestros estudiantes y sus familias durante este cierre de escuelas sin precedentes. A partir de que nuestras escuelas cerraron el 12 de marzo de 2020, hemos estado apoyando las necesidades académicas de nuestros estudiantes al brindarles recomendaciones y recursos del distrito escolar a través de nuestra página de Web y de nuestros 16 sitios de alimentación: Boland, Bowles, Brookings, Chestnut Middle School, Commerce, Dorman, Glickman, Indian Orchard, Kensington, Liberty, Lincoln, Rebecca Johnson, South End, Talmadge, Warner, y Washington. Además de brindar recursos en los sitios de alimentación y a través de nuestra página de Web, continuaremos apoyando a nuestros estudiantes y sus familias al comenzar a brindar actividades y oportunidades académicas adicionales al nivel escolar.


Nuestros administradores y maestros continúan trabajando remotamente y están disponibles a apoyar a sus estudiantes y familias. Si ya no le ha llegado una llamada telefónica mensajera de la escuela de su hijo, le llegará con información en cuanto a las mejores maneras de comunicarse con el principal y los maestros de su hijo durante este tiempo.


Nuestras escuelas también están en el proceso de desarrollar actividades y oportunidades académicas de desarrollo que vayan a estar disponibles al nivel escolar y serán creadas por los maestros de su hijo, quienes conocen mejor las necesidades académicas de su hijo. Las escuelas crearán actividades disponibles para todas las materias/áreas de contenido incluyendo arte, música, ¡y educación física! Nuestra meta es brindarles a nuestros estudiantes y sus familias unas actividades y oportunidades interesantes que ayuden a devolver un poco de normalidad a estos tiempos difíciles. Para aquellos estudiantes y familias que puedan, les exhortamos fuertemente a que disfruten las actividades y oportunidades disponibles a ustedes. Tenga en cuenta estas no serán ni calificadas ni incluidas en la nota trimestral, semestral, o final.


Como continuamos navegando esta situación en constante cambio, le queríamos dejar saber que continuamos dedicándonos a apoyar a todos nuestros estudiantes y familias. No dude en comunicarse con nosotros con cualquier pregunta.



Daniel J. Warwick

Superintendente de Escuelas

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